The HEALTHIEST FOODS we will eat are made with our own hands, in our own kitchens and from our own gardens; because, we KNOW WHAT INGREDIENTS ARE IN THEM.  That being said, we all do not have the time nor energy/money to grow and prepare our foods from scratch.  The next best thing is to buy whole foods, fresh (or frozen) fruits and vegetables when ever possible.  But mostly, READ THE LABELS.  Does that item you want have YUCK in it that is not good for your health?  Enjoy shopping online for some awesomely natural food items that lists all the ingredients.  See the RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS page for specific information.  And please go to my links on the RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS page to shop for healthy foods which can be sent right to your door.  Also, if you have any recipes that you want to share, please send in (or log in to the BLOG area to DYI) so that we may add your creations to our BLOG page.  I will be adding more of my creations too.

Are you having some food issues? 

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